MOWS Flight Suits -Small/Medium Returning Soon!

Done in a 2-piece design for comfort sake. Made in 100% cotton. Available in small-medium-large sizes. Each flight suit comes with 1 separate shirt, 1 separate pair of pants, 2 separate hip pouches and 2 separate ankle wraps (spats). In keeping with movie accuracy the hip pouches and ankle spats are slightly different in either the ESB or ROTJ version flight suits.ESB version flight suit has 2 identical (LEFT hip pouches) along with (2 STRAIGHT ankle spats)ROTJ version flight suit has (1 LEFT and 1 RIGHT hip pouch) along with (2 CURVED ankle spats)Please specify size and either ESB or ROTJ when making your purchase. Some special details on the flight suits are the noticeable stitched seams which run down the entire center length of the sleeves as well as their shorter outer sleeves. The shirt also features a full length zipper and wrap-around collar with velcro closure along with velcro tabs at the wrists. The pants come with a button down, draw-string design and zipper for maximum comfort and flexibility. Flight suits come in white only and will need to be dyed by the collector. These are made by professionals so the quality and craftsmanship is excellent.