MOWS Boba Fett Balaclava -Back in Stock!

The balaclava was primarily used in the pre-production costume then showed up again in the special edition costume. The balaclava is fully lined and comes with a chin cover detail which connects to the inside edge of the helmet with velcro closures then tucked inside the collar. Some 70’s vintage reference photos show the chin cover detail stitched to the balaclava and others show it separate. I've kept them separate for convenience sake. Both the balaclava and chin cover come in white only. The balaclava is not designed to wear like a hoodie, but high on the wearers head with the forehead exposed, similar to a vintage aeronautics or fighter pilot balaclava. (Neck seal and body armor is not included) These are made by professionals so the quality and craftsmanship is excellent..No serious collector should be without one of these balaclavas..Purchase yours today!