MOWS ESB-ROTJ Gloves Now in XL

Thanks guys for your patience. I kn ow many of you have been waiting for the ROTJ gloves to arrive back in stock. The new ROTJ gloves as well as new ESB gloves will come in size X-Large. This should do away with the tight fingers of the previous Large gloves. Keep you posted on Instagram @ Manofwarstudios. This is a variant glove design. A variant because they're not exactly movie accurate they have subtle differences in the overall design that aren't found in the movie version particularly in the stitch work. The movie version gloves were shown with quilted patchwork which was hand stitched. Hand stitching is nearly impossible to reproduce in a large production run today. Instead the quilted patchwork in this variant glove is machine stitched into the gloves construction. The finished product is a high quality glove which meets today's standards. Made of heavy cotton with a velcro closure at the twill cuff. These are made by professionals so the quality and craftsmanship is excellent...No serious collector should be without a pair of these gloves.