Slave One Cockpit Replica

Slave One Cockpit Replica

In 2015, MOWS began production for a possible independent short film project. I was in talks with IMDB’s Dan Lantz, director of Bloodlust Zombies. The premise of the film was picking up immediately where The Empire Strikes Back left off. In particular, Boba Fett’s flight from Cloud City to Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine with his prize cargo.

Slave1Cockpit side-side B

My idea was to introduce a second IG-88, while in route attacks and boards Slave1 in a bold attempt to steal the carbon frozen Han Solo from Fett’s cargo hold, and claiming the bounty for himself. IG-88 was to cut through the hull and a brief battle was to ensue among the two bounty hunters on board Slave1. IG-88 would use an array of electric static weapons and cutting tools against Fett.

The project required loads more production including a 1:1 scale, fully articulated IG-88. The project is currently on hold. Special thanks to who built all the LED sequences for the Slave1 cockpit.


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May 24, 2016