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Gauntlets ESB


Gauntlets have large front and rear openings. I’ve deepened both the bottom sections of the gauntlets to allow for a more comfortable fit.

This also allows for an easier fit on mannequins as well. This increase is depth should help with the challenges some of you have with bigger forearms.

For a custom fit, the bottom sections of the gauntlets are designed to be cut and/or sanded using a Dremel or other rotary hand tool.

Kit comes with 2 steel gun metal grey hinges, 4 center release closures, metal flashing, length of threaded nylon, 4 nylon bolts, and 4 heavy gauge aluminum tubes.

The detailed flame unit comes completely unassembled with 4 heavy gauge aluminum tubes and all other remaining parts are cast in solid resin. A directional drawing is included for the flame unit assembly. A brand new 2-piece rocket design allows for easy painting Threaded nylon screws and nylon bolts are provided for mounting both the flame unit and rocket.

Kit comes completely unassembled and non-painted. Switches, magnets and darts are not included) Dimensions: Lengths of bottom sections only. Left gauntlet: (7in -18cm) Right gauntlet: (7 3/4in -19.6cm)

No serious collector should be without a pair of these gauntlets..Purchase yours today!


Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 10 in


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