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wool cape full view

ESB Cape Limited Edition


Made of 100% Australian wool. Two tone Jacquard weave design. The capes three of the four edges are finished and stitched, while the bottom edge is left loose for easy weathering and fraying.

Cape comes with a single finished button hole for clean and easy shoulder fastening. The rich center stripe is woven into the cape during manufacturing and not simply stitched on later.

The colors are rich and razor sharp. The cape has great movement and texture, and it weathers beautifully!

Cape measures (35inx36in-89cmx91cm) These are made by professionals so quality and craftsmanship is excellent..No serious ESB collector should be without one of these wool capes. Purchase yours today!


Product Description

After several years of research on the ESB cape, I’ve come to the conclusion that the movie version cape was in fact a modified European WWII field blanket. I was unsuccessful in obtaining an actual vintage version, so the weight of the wool used in the making of WWII field blanket is still undetermined.

After lengthy discussions with my manufacturer, we decided on a wool weight that was practical enough to be used as a blanket, yet still light enough to be worn comfortably as a prop.
I believe we achieved it in this ESB cape and I’m very proud with the results.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 12 x 1 in


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